Super Troopers 2 may start filming this summer

Apparently it seems like a fabulous idea right meow for the folks at Broken Lizard Industries to hinge their next movie on a crowdfunding campaign. Working with Indigogo, the five-man group has summoned a singular campaign to fund the second Super Troopers. This film would be a direct descendant of the first Super Troopers movie, also written by, directed by, and starring the five comedians in Broken Lizard back in 2001. This time the movie is bypassing collaborative studios and going straight for the money shot.

*Actually hold on a second – there's a tiny bit of talk with "the studio." The Broken Lizard folks suggest that "while the studio has given us permission to make the sequel, and agreed to distribute it (at least in the USA and Canada), we need to fund the movie ourselves."

They also suggest the following: "Broken Lizard is solely responsible for these messages and fulfilling these obligations. No one else had anything to do with the creation of this page or with the campaign."

So they're still making it. Broken Lizard will still handle everything they handled in the first movie – as far as creative business – while the studio distributes it. Good times.

Produced at full film quality, the following preview / announcement video places Officer Farva in the trunk of a patrol vehicle. From there, the rest of the team are holding him ransom for the full amount of cash needed to make the second movie.

Therein lies our conundrum. The team, including Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Kevin Heffernan, and Jay Chandrasekhar, are asking for a cool $2,000,000 USD.

Below you'll see a chart which shows the three tiers of funding-ness. Below $2,000,000, and no movie will be made ever, and Farva will die in the trunk. This is fine. Even though this campaign has "Flexible Funding", which means they keep whatever money is raised even if it doesn't reach the goal – sure, that's fine.

Just so long as they raise the full $2-million dollars, there should be no break between promising movie posters, DVDs, tickets to movies, and on-site visits, just so long as the movie IS being made.

Below you'll see a number of features the team suggests the movie may get if they raise enough cash above and beyond the initial $2-million.

• The ability to hire someone who knows how to operate a camera.

• Bathrooms for the women on set (men will still have to use the woods).

• Bigger stunts.

• Fancier cars to chase.

• Louder explosions.

• Cameos from real Hollywood actors.

• More bearf*****g (or as Erik's mom likes to call it 'making out with the bear'): this time, with real bears and real reciprocation!

• More powdered sugar.

• More full-frontal Farva.

• Diamonds on the soles of our shoes.

• More sexy 70's icons playing women in positions of authority. (Don't you want to see Lee Majors in a wig?)

• Kate Upton.

Sound good to you? Let us know if this sort of venture from the team says "future movie really and truly getting released soon" to you, or if you're feeling the other way around.

ALSO: The campaign suggests that "if this campaign goes really well, we'll be able to start shooting sometime this summer, and we'd aim for a release date in early 2016."