Super Time Force Ultra coming to PC via Steam this summer

Chris Burns - Jul 2, 2014
Super Time Force Ultra coming to PC via Steam this summer

The previously Xbox One exclusive “indy” title SUPER TIME FORCE is now headed to Steam for full PC action. The year 198X is ready to bring you into the future with time travel the likes of which you’ve never seen before – all with more pixelated action than you’ll be able to handle.

At this time, Capybara Games (aka Capy) have shared that they’ll be adding some “very cool (but presently very secret) stuff” to the game for the “Ultra” release. You’ll also find the Soundtrack for “STFU” to be staying the same as STF, and being released to the public this week via iTunes – called “Super Time Force Ost” by artist 6955.

Above you’re seeing the first 15 minutes of the game Super Time Force on Xbox One, quite literally. This game will likely be extremely similar to its original form, shown here, when we see it as Super Time Force Ultra on Steam.

Integrated Replay Gameplay will likely also move over from the Xbox One to other platforms, though we’re not entirely certain of such a thing. See our Super Time Force Review for Xbox One right this minute to see how it all plays out.

VIA: Capy

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