Super Talent 1.8-inch SATA 120GB SSD for $679

Super Talent has announced a new range of 1.8-inch solid-state drives, the MasterDrive KX series, which at only 5mm thick could likely be squeezed into the smallest of UMPCs or MIDs. Using a Micro-SATA interface, the new models are available in 15GB, 30GB, 60GB and 120GB capacities. They also use up to 85-percent less power than traditional hard-drives.

Super Talent are claiming access times of just 0.1ms and sequential read and write speeds of 120 and 40 MBps respectively. The company predicts over one million hours of use before stability is impacted.

Each drive comes with a one year warranty, and they're individually tested for hardware and software faults. Pricing is $299, $449 and $679 for the 30GB, 60GB and 120GB SSDs respectively. They'll be on show at Computex, and on sale shortly at NewBiiz.

[via jkOnTheRun]