Super Smash Bros. Newest Challenger Revealed

Today one of the final Super Smash Bros. Wii U characters will be revealed in a live feed straight from Nintendo. Devising and producing new launch trailers for every single new character in the Super Smash Bros lineup is a task unto itself, so get pumped up for this three minute presentation right this second!

This is one of the first characters in this modern lineup to be revealed outside of Nintendo Direct, coming up on its own in a live streaming video from Japan. This release was first spoken of by Smash Bros own Masahiro A Sakurai this past Thursday.

Above you'll see the live video feed of the event which will start in less than an hour from the time this article is posted. After the character is revealed, this video will be replaced by the official launch trailer.

UPDATE: The release is live – Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon and here! While Captain Falcon – from F-Zero – isn't new for the game series, this is the first we've seen him confirmed for this edition. Meanwhile Lucina and Robin from the Nintendo 3DS game Fire Emblem: Awakening are ready to roll – Robin comes in male or female, too!

Guesses for this character reveal before the official unveiling included the following. See if you can guess why each commenter decided on each character as they're listed:

• Excitebike guy

• Takamaru

• Bayonetta

• Wario

• Doctor Mario (alternate costume)

• Lucina

• Knuckles

• Ridley

• MewTwo (Pokemon)

Next you'll see a list of all characters revealed for Super Smash Bros for Wii U (and 3DS) as they've been shown over the past several months. Characters in bold are new contenders – completely new to the series for this release.

• Bowser

• Charizard

• Diddy Kong

• Donkey Kong

• Fox

• Greninja

• Ike

• King Dedede

• Kirby

• Link

• Little Mac

• Lucario

• Luigi

• Mario

• Marth

• Mega Man

• Mii Fighters

• Pac-Man

• Palutena

• Peach

• Pikachu

• Pikmin & Olimar

• Pit

• Rosalina & Luma

• Samus

• Sheik

• Sonic

• Toon Link

• Villager

• Wii Fit Trainer

• Yoshi

• Zelda

• Zero Suit Samus

Stay tuned as we stick through the final reveals and release of the final game later this year. If Nintendo's release of Mario Kart 8 for Wii U were any indication, Super Smash Bros. is primed to bring a whole new stash of Wii U owners to the market. New challenger approaching!