Super Nintendo World interactive online tour launched

Today the folks at Nintendo revealed an interactive online tour of their massively impressive theme park: Super Nintendo World. Starting at the front page of the park on the park's Universal Studios Japan site, the user drops in and explores the park in full 3D motion. One wonders whether the work that was put into this presentation might be flipped for use with a virtual reality presentation – how easy would that be?

Over at Super Nintendo World, Nintendo delivers the full Universal Studios Japan experience. At the site, the user scrolls down to move to Bowzer's Dungeon, floats around to reach Yoshi's Adventure, and reverses down to the lowest level, where Kinopio's Cafe is located.

At the 1UP Factory, visitors can acquire all sorts of goodies – that's the gift shop, as it were. Throughout the park, users are invited to play the game, complete with interactive armbands that activate features throughout the Nintendo environment.

Above you'll see an tour video released on January 5, 2021. This video appears to use the same assets as used to create the interactive section of the website. Now, to 3D print the entire thing, one piece at a time!

As noted by the grand opening video, Super Nintendo World will be opened on February 4, 2021. All social distancing and full safety precautions are in place, and the park appears to be ready for business at grand opening next month!

Does this look like the sort of amusement park you'd like to see launched inside the United States? Given the massive success of parks for Harry Potter and Star Wars, it might only be a matter of time before the Super Nintendo World experience reaches our shores. For now, though, you'll need to head to Japan to put yourself inside this wacky futuristic video game environment.