Super Mario Run for Android pre-registration opens

Super Mario Run has been breaking records and it has been doing its record breaking while only be available on one of the major smartphone platforms. Super Mario Run has been on iOS only since launch and has still ticked up about 40 million downloads. Android gamers will soon get to join in the action with Super Mario Run coming soon for Android.

We know the game is coming soon because it just turned up on Google Play for pre-registration. If you pre-register for the game you will get a notification on your device when the app launches. This isn't like pre-ordering, you don't pay for the game now. The feature set is expected to be exactly like the iOS version of the game.

If you haven't played or read about Super Mario Run since it launched on iOS, the game has Mario running to get away from Bowser in an attempt to save Princess Peach. The game is designed for one handed play and you will need internet connectivity to play. World Tour mode is the main mode and will have you travelling through six different worlds with 24 new courses for one handed play.

You do have to purchase the game to get access to all six worlds. On iOS the purchase is $10, which has infuriated some gamers because it's a much higher price than the usual few bucks a game costs for mobile devices. Android gamers will get Toad Rally and challenge mode, you do need rally tickets to play Toad Rally. Other game features include Coin Rush and the ability to build your own kingdom with coins captured in Toad Rally. Only three of the worlds are included with the free game.

SOURCE: Google Play