Super Mario Run cost survey: Nintendo reconsiders

It looks like the controversy surrounding Super Mario Run's $9.99 price tag has prompted a response from Nintendo. The mobile gaming newcomer has sent out a survey to some Super Mario Run players, asking them a variety of questions about their feelings on the game. One question asks how much players think is a fair price to pay for it.

Indeed, there have been a number of reviews on the iOS App Store lamenting the $9.99 price tag. The way it's presented may not sit well with some, either. Instead of demanding the $10 up front, Nintendo lets players get get a taste of Super Mario Run before asking them to hand over the $10 through an in-app purchase.

As MacRumors points out, the survey also asks if players would be interested in playing a sequel to Super Mario Run, should it ever be made. It might strike you as a little too early to be thinking of a sequel, but with Nintendo recently announcing that Super Mario Run pulled in 40 million downloads in its first four days, you can bet it sees the possibility of a series.

One issue Nintendo may be overlooking with this survey is its always-online requirement. Shortly before the game launched, we heard that the game needed a persistent internet connection in order to play. Though Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto was forthcoming with the reason for always-on – Nintendo was worried about piracy – it still upset players who were hoping to play whenever they wanted.

The survey isn't being sent out to all Super Mario Run players, just the ones who have linked their My Nintendo account with the game. Nintendo probably isn't going to change the price of Super Mario Run based on the results of this survey, but it could influence future mobile titles. After all, Nintendo has mobile versions of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing in the works, so we may see it use this survey to determine the cost of those.

SOURCE: MacRumors