Super Mario hot buns and snack food hit 7-Eleven in Japan

If you're looking for the most gamer-friendly foods in the universe right this minute, it should come as no surprise that the most fantastic options you're going to find reside in Japan. The convenience store 7-Eleven teamed up with Nintendo this season for a variety of snack cakes and fun munchies. In the mix starting this week are six new Super Mario branded treats for all to consume.

The Mario Mix Roll was released for approximately 183 yen (around $1.75 USD). This little monster includes a roll split down the middle and filled with egg salad, a croquette, and mushroom sauce spaghetti. That feels appropriate from start to finish.

There's a Yoshi Green Melon Bread for 151 yen (around $1.50 USD). That's a green sweet roll filled with melon whipped cream. Next is Bowzer's Fire-Breathing Super Spicy Karagge Roll for 354 yen (around $3.50 USD). That looks to be the hottest entry in the collection with bread filled with fried chicken, seasoning and sauce.

A Fire Flower Fire Curry Bun will cost you around 140 yen. That's a little bun with a Fire Flower on top and hot filling. It looks cute, but the filling is clearly not to be trifled with.

There's a Princess Peach's Dolce for 342 yen available, complete with strawberry cheesecake and strawberry gelatin inside. You'll need a spoon to eat either the Princess Peach's Dolce or the Shining Star Milk Kanten. The star will cost you 226 yen and it includes "a creamy agar dessert" according to Seven Eleven Press via SoraNews24 today.

Why in the entire world don't we have awesome snack foods like these here in the United States of America? Do we not love Mario enough to gain Nintendo's trust with such treasures? Do we not buy enough Nintendo Switch consoles to make it worth the release? Spicy Fire Flower buns for all!