Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 E1 title and what to watch while waiting

The first episode of the newest season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is called "2020: A Year In Review." This is the longest hiatus the show has ever taken between seasons, and a retrospective episode might well have been the most obvious choice for a return to action. The first episode of Brooklyn 99 (the first episode of the last season here in late Summer, 2021,) did something similar, starting by addressing the extended period of time that's passed since the last aired story.

The newest Sunny season

The first episode of Sunny that'll be shown here in the year 2021 will be Season 15, Episode 1. This episode's most basic details were shared by Rob McElhenney this week with a photo of the first sheet of a production draft of the script for said episode. Details also show McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton as writers, with returning director Todd Biermann.

The release of this episode makes It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia the longest-running live-action comedy series in American television history. The previous longest-running live-action comedy series in American television history was The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, just going to show that running for this many episodes does not necessarily mean a show will have a lasting impact on popular culture.

That's not to say that Sunny won't be a long-lasting cultural stepping stone for media through the future – it already is! It's also one of the surest shots in live-action television right this minute. As the show was announced to be signed for three more seasons (as of late 2020), we'll see a minimum of 18 seasons before... it's most likely going to continue on until everyone in the cast is dead. At which point they'll just be thrown in the trash.

What to watch while waiting

And if you're at a point where you've seen every Sunny episode more times than you're willing to admit, and want to continue the adventure while you wait for this next season to premiere, see the following:

• Mythic Quest (Rob McElhenney in the lead)

• The Mick (Kaitlin Olson in the lead)

• A.P. Bio (Glen Howerton in the lead)

Mythic Quest is written and created by Rob McElhenney, who also stars in the show. This show is also executive produced by Charlie Day, AND features not only a cast of extraordinary acting professionals the likes of which you'll love by the end of the first episode, it features David Hornsby (who plays Cricket in Sunny), and Danny Pudi (Abed from Community). This show is funny, surprising, and delightful, and you'll find it streaming on Apple TV+.

The Mick was tragically cancelled after only a few seasons, but stars (and is co-produced by) Kaitlin Olson who plays effectively an alternate reality iteration of her persona in Sunny. Here she plays Mackenzie Murphy (Micky), a low-life goofball who's tossed into a situation where she needs to act as guardian for her two nephews and niece. The Mick also features Carla Jimenez as Alba – an absolute masterpiece of a role with lines that are some of the funniest bits ever produced for television. This show can be found on Hulu.

A.P. Bio also has a member of Sunny's core cast, Glen Howerton, acting as what's effectively an alternate reality iteration of his "Dennis" character, here as a substitute teacher that gets into all sorts of antics. This show also features the always delightful Patton Oswalt and comedy powerhouse Paula Pell. This show is streamed on Peacock.