Sungale's bizarre desk-lamp PMP hybrid gets reviewed

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If asked what's the next big evolution in desk lamps, I can't imagine many people would say "why, an integrated digital photo frame, of course" but that's what Sungale have delivered.  Over at Zatz Not Funny they've been playing around with the unusual desk accessory, and reckon that while it pretty much delivers what it promises, they can't help but wish it promised more.

For your money you get a mains-powered desk lamp – that uses 18 LEDs rather than traditional bulbs – with a 3.5-inch 320 x 240 LCD display sticking up out of the base.  512MB of onboard storage can be augmented either via the SD/MMC/MS card slot; a USB port allows you to hook the lamp up to your computer

In the end, though, it's of limited value when the sticker price is $89.99.  Streaming internet video would make a big difference, but solid video playback performance and in-a-pinch MP3 playback don't quite add up to a must-have gadget.