Sungale Cyberus Smart Info tablet: jack of all trades?

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Details on Sungale's Cyberus Smart Info tablet are scarce, but to look at the product listing on Amazon you'd ask yourself what the darned thing couldn't do. Centered around a 7-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen, the Cyberus promises not only ebook access but – courtesy of WiFi – a web browser, YouTube viewer and internet radio streaming.

There's also Picasa access, stock and Gmail alerts, and various PIM features including a notepad, calendar, clock and alarm.  It'll even give you driving directions, which we're guessing is courtesy of Google Maps online, and of course there's a clutch of media formats supported: JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP images, MP3 audio, AVI video and PDF, TXT and HTML text files, with an SD card for storage.

If anything, it's the ebook compatibility that lets the Cyberus down, with no ePub or other dedicated formats supported.  Still, you're getting – at face value, at least – plenty for your $279.

[via BestTabletReview]