Study about pregnant women and cellphone usage

There have always been rumors that cellphones might have a few unwanted side effects, typically I have scoffed a bit at them. I am a bit curious about this new one though, especially since the researcher happens to be a former skeptic until the facts they discovered were too much to ignore.

Apparently mothers who spent quite a bit of time on their cellphone were more likely to have hyperactive children. It was worse in families where the child had a phone before the age of seven. Now the study doesn't reveal why this is, so it is entirely possible that the mothers who spent a lot of time on the phone weren't spending as much time paying attention to their children.

The researchers asked the mothers of 13,159 children that were born in Denmark in the late 90's about their cellphone use. This allowed for a more accurate comparison since only about half of the mothers used cellphones. Which helped the effects stand out a bit more.

[via crunchgear]