Stormtroopers confirmed for Star Wars 7 by Kevin Smith

Chris Burns - Jul 4, 2014, 12:10 pm CDT
Stormtroopers confirmed for Star Wars 7 by Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith was invited to the Star Wars VII set in London on the 30th of June – earlier this week – and has confirmed one point of order: Stormtroopers. Invited to join J.J. Abrams on set, he’s made clear that he’ll be able to share next to nothing about what he’s seen, but he did let a single tear run down his face for an instagram opportunity for the public.

Below you’ll find the comment shared by Smith earlier this week to Twitter. The “Bantha Tracks” he speaks of was an official Star Wars newsletter that was sent out by Lucastfilm to fans from 1978 (one year after the release of the first film) to 1987 (four years after Return of the Jedi). It has since been converted to a number of online entities.

“Visited JJ and his EP VII set. I signed the NDA so all I can share are this old Bantha-Tracks subscriber’s tears and snotty nose of joy. The Force is WITH this movie. Holy Sith…” – Kevin Smith

Notice the snot-nose as well. These tears are real. He spoke up again during the July 1st “Hollywood Babble-On” show in London, according to Flickering Myth, speaking (before the show began, apparently) about how there was an Imperial starship logo with the phrase “loose lips sink starships” on set.


Smith also made clear more than once that he signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that made it impossible for him to share any details about his visit, but had his co-host Ralph Garman read words he’d written down on a pad of paper: “did you see stormtroopers?” Smith nodded in agreement.

“I liked [Star Wars Episodes] 1, 2 and 3. But I liked them as an adult, when I watched them they didn’t give me the same feeling I had when I was seven watching them for the first time and that’s fine.” Smith continued, “This movie though… Dude, I cried four times… [J.J] has f*****g captured it, man. He has nailed it.”

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