Stop accidental scroll-clicks with Prumie

Chris Davies - Nov 30, 2006

Okay, so there are people out there who aren’t satisfied with mice that can scroll up and down, so manufacturers bring out horizontal scroll-wheels too.  And now we’re told that some people can’t handle the horizontal scroll, in fact they are driven to hopeless accidental clicking, so beneficent Elecom bring out a mouse that apparently prevents that from happening.  In fact, just to make it seem all the more ridiculous, they call it “Prumie”.

The mysterious “tilt guard” seemingly makes it tougher to click the scroll wheel while pushing it from side to side.  I’m thinking they just remolded the plastic inside to change how it can be depressed, but then I’m no engineer (just a cynic).  Anyway, it’s available in basic two-button-plus-scroll form, a version with added programmable buttons, and then a top-of-the-range “high accuracy laser” model.  Strangely enough, none are wireless.  The Prumie starts at 3,150 Yen ($28).

Elecom Prumie

Elecom [via Akihabara News]

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