Stolen Stratfor member details put online by AntiSec

Earlier this week we talked about the security breach that happened with anonymous hacked the servers at a security firm based in Austin, Texas called Stratfor. The breach resulted in a huge number of passwords and credit card details being stolen. Anonymous has claimed that a huge amount of money had been donated to charity using the stolen credit cards already.

The hacker group has now posted the data dump of much of the content stolen to pastebin. The dump included 75,000 names, addresses, and credit card numbers along with the md5 hashed passwords for everyone that has ever paid for Stratfor services.

The data dump also has 860,000 usernames, email addresses, and md5 hashed passwords for everyone that has registered for the Stratfor site. There is also 200GB of emails that will be published later after they are redacted. The hacker group has also promised to hack law enforcement targets from coast to coast on New Year's Eve.

[via DataBreaches]