Stoke up the rumour mill: Apple intends Multitouch Leopard upgrade?

Damn you, Multitouch, you're following me!  After I thought I'd put it to bed now comes the rumour that Apple might be planning a full-sized touchscreen update to Leopard, similar to HP's desktop media centre, the TouchSmart IQ770, only responsive to all of your grubby little digits rather than just one of them.

I have Steven Johnson to blame for throwing apple liqueur on the rumour flames; he took one look at an Ars Technica piece on the future of software powerhouse Pro Tools and Apple's intention to quash it with Logic:

"Basically the rumor is this: There will be no Logic 8. The successor to Logic 7 will have a new name. The unnamed application will be 10.5 only and will work with a new line of touch sensitive Apple displays. Also, it will be an OMG PROTOOLS KILLER!@!!" Ars Technica

Steven is betting his pet monkey on Multitouch being Leopard's killer feature and the answer to all those anxiously waiting for the next batch of drool-so-much-you-dehydrate Apple Cinema Displays.

Steven Johnson [via kottke]