Stix 200 PC Wiimote-clone reviewed: Guaranteed Christmas Disappointment

Chris Davies - Aug 29, 2008

On the left is the Nintendo Wiimote, beloved by many children (and adults) all over the globe for its intuitive control and general funtime whimsy.  On the right is the Stix 200 controller, a PC peripheral that, with a collection of online games, attempts to borrow some of that whimsy and transplant it to the Wii-less.  Should the Wii go home and give up?  Should it heck; Kotaku have been playing with the Stix 200 setup, and come away not so much unimpressed as laughing in maker GoLive2’s collective face.

Basically, once you get past the Wiimote stylings (and the ergonomically-tragic touch-sensitive buttons) it’s a wireless replacement to your arrow keys.  While the Stix 400 system recognises “full” 3D movement, the cheaper 200 only tracks up, down, left and right. 

Factor that into a selection of games that’s reportedly “truly horrible”, and you have – as reviewer Mike Fahey so memorably puts it – “exactly the sort of Christmas present parents who can’t get their hands on a Wii should get their children to make them cry.”

[Thanks Robert!]

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