Steve Wozniak just revealed his own space company - with a twist

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has revealed his latest project, and like many rich men in tech he's looking to space to get his kicks. Privateer Space, emerging from stealth to give us a tease of what Woz and his partners have in mind, doesn't sound like it's trying to replicate Elon Musk's SpaceX or Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, however.

Instead, the startup – which Woz formed with Ripcord founder Alex Fielding – "is working to keep space safe and accessible to all humankind." Exactly what that means right now, though, you need to read between the lines to get an idea of.

"Together we'll go far," Privateer Space's teaser video promises. "We'll look out for one another. Solve problems together. This isn't a race, it isn't a competition or a game. We are not one person, one company, one nation. We are one planet."

"We are explorers. We are dreamers, risk-takers, engineers, and star gazers. We are human, and it's up to us to work together to do what is right and what is good. So here's to taking care of what we have, so the next generation can be better together."

Described as "unlike the others" in the private space world by Wozniak, the video includes much of the usual imagery we're familiar with from rocket startups. However, there's also plenty of nods to climate change, too: burning forests, weather calamity, and air pollution.

That could indicate some sort of more environmentally conscious approach to space. Certainly, one of the challenges we've seen companies tackle in recent years has been sustainable rocket launches and the like: SpaceX's efforts at reusable stages that can automatically land themselves, and spacecraft that can be flown time and time again, are a good example of that. Not only does it make more financial sense – and fit in as a key part of NASA's ongoing Commercial Crew program – it helps reduce the amount or debris both falling to Earth and remaining in orbit.

Nonetheless, there are ongoing concerns about just how much space junk there is out there, and the potential peril that could represent to things like the International Space Station, satellites, and future crewed missions.

More information, meanwhile, will follow on later this month, with Privateer Space promising "a glimpse" into its plans at AMOS Tech 2021 as part of the AMOS conference in Maui Hawaii.