Steve Jobs postage stamp due 2015

Steve Jobs will be featured on a 2015 collectable postage stamp, a new leak suggests, with the former Apple CEO one of a number of cultural figures selected by the US Postal Service. The leaked list – which also includes Peanuts, John Lennon of the Beatles, and Harvey Milk – also confirms some of the reissued stamps, such as Elvis Presley, which was the top-selling stamp the Postal Service saw.

Exactly what image of Jobs will be selected for the special edition stamp is unclear, with only a roll-call of names secured by The Washington Post. Graphics are still a work-in-progress by the Postal Service's artwork team; the image above is just a mock-up.

A spokesperson for the agency pointed out that subjects picked for stamps "are subject to change" at any time, meaning the Jobs version could be junked or even brought forward if the Postal Service sees fit.

Although the selection of the Apple co-founder, who died in 2011, is unlikely to prompt too many arguments, some of the Postal Service's other picks may be more controversial. A rule that human subjects should be American will be broken with the inclusion of John Lennon, for instance.

It's not the first time Jobs or something connected with him has been singled out. The Los Altos home he lived in was deemed a historic resource, while an Apple Lisa mouse he buried in a time capsule was recently dug up.