Steve Jobs denies OS X App Store, confirms Best Buy iPad 3G

Steve Jobs has been sifting through his inbox again, answering emailed questions regarding the WiFi + 3G iPad and the possibility of an App Store for OS X.  Two separate Mac-fans got in touch with the Apple CEO, with one asking whether Best Buy would be stocking the 3G-enabled version of the company's new tablet on April 30th (the device's official launch date) while the other was more curious about rumors that the company planned a desktop version of the iPhone's App Store.

Jobs has become known for the brevity of his emailed responses, and these two questions did nothing to counter that reputation.  To the query of whether the iPad WiFi + 3G would be in Best Buy, he said "Yep", while as for the talk of an official OS X App Store, he said "Nope".

The latter is good news, as speculation had it that Apple were planning to carry their somewhat draconian software approval systems over from iPhone OS and onto OS X.  Titles would require, the rumors suggested, that apps be signed with Apple's root certificate before they would run on OS X 10.7.

[Image via CNET]