SteelSeries Shows Off MMO Keyset for Shift Keyboard

Evan Selleck - Nov 18, 2010
SteelSeries Shows Off MMO Keyset for Shift Keyboard

Back at the end of September, SteelSeries unveiled a brand new way for people to use their keyboards, especially those who play a lot of different games, or do a lot of different tasks on one computer. Instead of buying a lot of different keyboards, why not just buy one that allows you to change the keyset? Thankfully, SteelSeries released the Shift Keyboard, which allows you to change keysets on the fly, and now they’ve added one more keyset to the mix: MMO.

The MMO keyset provides gamers with a new way to play their favorite titles, without having to spend the money on a dedicated MMO keyboard. The SteelSeries Shift keyset features things like a button for trading and dueling, and many more common tasks. You’ll also get buttons for emotes. The full-size keyboard also features customizable macros, which you can map to any key you wish.

And, when you’re done playing the game, you just switch out the keyset, and put on a different one, for whatever other task you need to get done. The MMO keyset will cost you $24.99, and if you haven’t already purchased the Shift keyboard, that will run you $89.99

[via CrunchGear]

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