Steampunk analog synth: what brass etching was invented for

Steampunk continues to divide opinion, with some still entranced by etched brass, cogs and masterful repurposing of what would otherwise be thrown away as trash, while other think it a tired meme that doesn't know when to give up.  We're thinking that both groups would find some appeal in Moritz Wolpert's Steampunk analog synth, however.

The work of two years, Wolpert's synth has hand-lathed knobs and the brass front-plate is lettered, decorated and etched by hand.  Other parts include a brass bell dating from 1901 and an antique volt-meter.

As for the synth itself, we're not quite clear of the full specifications but it seems to include ring modulator, CV and drum machine sections.  Best news is that it's not sitting in the corner of a room looking pretty but wasted; Wolpert is actively making music with it.

[via MAKE]