Steam Update Allows Multiple Installs At Once

Supposing you switch computers often – like if you review PCs for a living – you'll be glad to know of the latest Steam update. Valve has deemed it important that users be able to install multiple games at once with ease. While you'd have been able to jury-rig this in the past, now it's much, much easier.

Steam is a place where Valve collects all the games of the world (quite a few of them, not all, technically) and sorts them out for you, the consumer. You buy, you play, games are hosted by Steam, it's all simple. But what about installs?

Before today, you'd have had to go in and click each app, one by one, to install the software you own. What a shame! What a travesty!

No longer will you have to live with this horrid injustice. No longer will you be subject to this madness – this tyranny! Now you'll be able to install every single game you own, all at once. Go for it, see what happens!

VIA: SteamDB