Steam Summer Sale begins: look upon it and despair

The Steam Summer Sale, as it's called by those who don't know its true name, has begun. Therein you'll find a set of games with their prices kicked in and smashed with hammers, and there they'll continue to be bashed until the 4th of July, 2016, at 10AM PDT. If you can last that long, I applaud you. On the other hand, you could find "Learn Japanese to Survive! Hiragana Battle", an educational RPG, for less than it costs to purchase a cheeseburger.

Or you could purchase Half-Life 2 for $2. Perhaps you'd fancy Sleeping Dogs (Definitive Edition) for $7.50? Or maybe you'd like to dive in on Steam Hardware for prices that are slices of what they normally are. How about $35 for a Steam Controller, or $35 for a Steam Link?

The HTC Vive is not on sale, mind you. Don't even begin to think you're going to find that device on sale any time soon.

This brand spanking new Steam Summer Sale has what Valve describes as "12,997 titles on sale across Steam." That's one large amount of titles, to be sure.

I recommend you check out Rocket League, ARK, and DOOM. Yes DOOM, the game that was just released this May. It's freaking $36 instead of its normal $60.

And Alien Isolation is $13 USD. That's $13 for endless terror. There's Super Hot, aka SUPERHOT, one of the most innovative games to have been released in the past decade, having just been released in full this February – it's $20. Or you could tap in to that and a bunch of other awesome games in the "First-Person Puzzle Bundle" for $64 USD. Worth it.

The entire Final Fantasy franchise is 50% off. If you have – for some reason – been meaning to try the greatest role playing game series in the history of games, now might be your best time to drop in. Similarly, one of the greatest post-apocalyptic shooter game franchises ever, the Metro series, is a full 75% off.

Have at it via Steam if you do so dare your pocketbook to live through the experience.