Steam Sale Halloween event is full of spooky games and horror movies

We're now in the midst of one of the three Steam Sale events leaked recently in a Reddit forum. The other is, of course, Thanksgiving's own Black Friday, followed by a Winter Sale. Generally the Winter event is one of the bigger two of the year – but the one we're in right this minute isn't too shabby itself.

The theme is Halloween, as should be quite obvious right from the spooky start. If you're in the mood to be genuinely terrified, I suggest you head down to ALIEN Isolation. There you'll find the game for a mere $12 USD. That's a game that made me physically ill with dread when I first played it.

There are a bunch of VR games in the mix in addition to more traditional forms of spookiness, too. While most of the titles are based squarely in the scaredy-cat category, there are a few that kick the trend. Have a peek at Duck Season, for onw – though it's only 15% off – or nab Arizona Sunshine – one zombie-filled nightmare of a good time.

Those in the mood for a story may want to have a peek at the Telltale Everything Walking Dead Bundle. That right there is a whole bunch of content, originally closer to a hundred bucks, on sale for thirty. Similarly the Dead Island Definitive Collection is on sale for $12 when it's normally $45. And there's a bunch more up in the Steam Store right this minute – up until the first of November!

UPDATE: Users can also purchase a whole bunch of horror movies from Steam. Buy them in Steam, play them in the Steam app – you know the drill. I recommend CUBE, Battle Royale, Mimic, The Cabin in the Woods, and Ju-on. Sinister is super freaky, and American Psycho is also on sale – and I do not recommend either if you don't do well with violence of many types. And if you really want to regret ever having been born, go ahead and buy Piranha 3DD.