Starline NB1000 netbook hides its touchpad [Video]

Chris Davies - Aug 14, 2009
Starline NB1000 netbook hides its touchpad [Video]

If you don’t want reviewers to criticize the size of your netbook’s touchpad, you could always hide it flush with the palm-rest so they can’t quite see where it starts and ends.  Now we’re not saying that Starline designed their NB1000 10-inch netbook with that in mind, but it’s certainly a side-effect of the slick touchpad integration.

Video overview after the cut

Other than the touchpad, the NB1000 is pretty mainstream for a netbook, which means three USB 2.0 ports, ethernet and VGA.  Inside there’s Intel’s Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard-drive.

Unfortunately the Starline NB1000’s keyboard may not win it many admirers, since it has a tiny right-side shift key and unusually placed home/end buttons.  Still, the price is right: it’s on sale in Hong Kong now, priced at HK$2,498 ($322).

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