Starbucks' mobile pay, ordering now available to all US locations

Good news for Starbucks drinkers on the go, the company has just announced that its mobile ordering and payment system in its iOS and Android apps will now support pick ups at all US locations. First launched as a beta in Portland, Oregon, Starbucks has slowly been rolling out the feature to more locations. Customers can use the mobile app to order any beverage or food item from the menu, pay for it, pick the store they want to pick it up from, and then simply walk in and have it handed to them.

In addition to completely bypassing the line to order and pay at the register, the app lets customers specify any changes or additions to their coffee, and once a location is selected, it provides an estimate for when the order will be ready for pick up. By default the app will search for the closest Starbucks based on the current location, but users can still choose a specific store if they prefer.

Starbucks says customers in the cities where mobile ordering was tested loved the feature. It has surely resulted in more visits, seeing as how quickly an order can be placed while on the go.

The company adds that most mobile drink orders shouldn't take more than five to ten minutes. Mobile orders simply show up in the computer system for baristas, alongside those placed in-store. Such a world we live in when even the minimal human interaction needed to grab coffee in the morning can be reduced to a few taps on a phone.

SOURCE Starbucks