Star Wars Yule Log time: Five hours of Darth Vader's burning suit

This afternoon we happened upon a YouTube-based Yule log uploaded this month by one giant Star Wars fan by the name of Benjamin Apple. This fellow took the idea of Vader burning on the pyre, as a Yule Log for Christmas, and made it into a 5-hour-long epic. Here you can enjoy the fullness of the greatest villain of all time burning, burning on into the darkness, on your own Christmas Eve. There you'll be thinking about how long it'll be before you're able to see The Force Awakens once more – just 12 short hours. Or maybe 18.

A REMINDER – for the next several days (at least!) you can rest easy reading Star Wars content here on SlashGear without fear of spoilers. We will NOT be posting any spoilers from this point forward, on into next week. After that we'll... probably also continue to post no spoilers, but we'll see!

According to the creator of this video Benjamin Apple, the creation of this video was relatively simple. "Nothing fancy," said Apple, "I just layered and looped a few free sound effects I found online."

Above you'll see the suit and its innards refusing to be burned away. That suit is fireproof, don't you know? Also take note that at 2:30:48, you can hear what MUST be Darth Vader's lightsaber falling from the top layer of the pyre. There it can be retrieved by sinister agents!

NOTE: Yes, as we did see this log on The Verge first, we did indeed decide to take Nate Jones' advice from the start and not suggest that it's Vader burning, but his suit instead.