Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Strongholds expansion lands this summer

The video game Star Wars: The Old Republic has had a difficult road. The game started out as a MMORPG that needed a monthly subscription. That changed quickly after launch when the number of players started to decline drastically. One of the good things about the game is that it is now free to play and many expansions for it are in the works.

The last expansion landed in February and added the ability to have starfighter battles. That update was called Galactic Starfighter. The game will be getting another new expansion pack this summer called Galactic Stronghold. This expansion will be available for free to play players.

Players will be able to live on multiple planets and customize apartments. There will be many unique decorations that players can have that will boost Prestige scores. Prestige points will rank players in the Stronghold Directory.

The expansion will also allow the guilds to launch Guild Flagships that give players a place to meet and plan their next moves. Personal strongholds are purchased using credits earned in the game. If you are wondering, the Guild Flagships won't be usable in combat. Preferred Status players will get early access to the expansion starting July 29 and the official launch will happen in August.