Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer 2 Analysis

Today we're having a peek at the Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer 2, as shown at Star Wars Celebration 2015 for the first time. What you're about to see is our rundown of the trailer by both SlashGear and a collection of film specialists as hosted by Lucasfilm at the event. They all stand next to one another in the partial recreation of the original Cantina in the midst of thousands of Star Wars fans in Anaheim. Behold, the light look at the extremely massive second teaser trailer for the 7th installment of the Star Wars series.

The video you'll see here shows Peter Sciretta from SlashFilm, Bryan Young from Big Shiny Robot, Eric Vespe from Aint it Cool News, and Devin Faraci of Badass Digest, all speaking about the trailer shot-for-shot.

NOTE: We're staying AWAY for leaks and spoilers in this analysis – if you'd be so kind as to refrain from commenting with spoilers and leaked images, etc, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

The analyzation by the film writers listed above is divided here into three parts. Watch each individual part for the first, second, and third parts of the trailer. The first part begins at the start of the trailer and rolls through to the part where Luke places his hand on R2-D2.

The second piece of this analyzation begins with a lightsaber being passed from a very short person to a relatively normal-sized person.

The third part begins with a stormtrooper taking his helmet off and runs until the end of the trailer in its entirety.

Here we're also running through the trailer with some helpful screengrabs. Note that this isn't frame-by-frame analysis, but the basics – without spoilers! These are mostly educated guesses based on information presented in Star Wars media already out (officially, not leaked) in the public.

First you'll see a craft – likely the same speeder you see in the first teaser, likely with the character Rey aboard. That's the woman you'll remember from the first trailer as well.

In the distance you'll see a crashed Imperial Class Star Destroyer, and in the foreground you'll see a crashed X-Wing.

Just as we heard in the first trailer, a dark voice begins to speak. This time it's Mark Hamill, and just like the first teaser, we don't expect this bit of dialogue to necessarily be in the film.

We see the crumpled – burned, that is to say – mask of Darth Vader, as well as his standard breathing sound.

The next shot shows what we can safely assume is R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker, with a fabulously skin-less metal hand.

Next, a tiny humanoid hands a lightsaber to someone we, again, can safely assume is a Skywalker. This is almost certainly Princess Leia.

The next shot shows a load of X-Wings dashing through the water, along with a rather pumped-up X-Wing pilot inside one of them.

For a moment there's a shot of the infamous Crossbar lightsaber and the dark villain that'll be wielding it.

Likely at the same – or a nearby – place we see both Rey and Finn running from an explosion.

Back to the villain of this picture along with a set of Stormtroopers and some victims of their evildoing. With a Force pose from our bad guy, of course.

The brightest shot in this teaser shows a load of Stormtroopers in front of what we can only assume is the new Empire sign. Who's standing in the middle? Here's a guess – she's a very tall lady dressed in black.

Rey comes next, looking very much like a descendent of Padme Amidala and Princess Leia.

A couple of TIE-fighters jam in.

There's a quick bit of laser fire from a TIE-fighter shooting at stormtroopers inside what we assume is a Star Destroyer hangar.

Finn removes his blood-stained Stormtrooper helmet.

Several brand new ships approach a new type of Star Destroyer – decidedly NOT the one we saw crashed earlier.

An Elite stormtrooper walks towards the camera in an environment that looks strikingly Imperial.

BB-8 pops his head out from behind a bulkhead like Leia does in A New Hope. He's in the Millennium Falcon, by the looks of the hall decorum.

Rey lends a hand to Finn, whose face suggests he's not quite sure what to make of the situation.

Near the end of the trailer you'll see the Millennium Falcon outrunning a TIE-Fighter into the engine of a crashed ship. This ship is likely a Star Destroyer – what kind is up to debate. This could be a Super Star Destroyer – it could also be a Venator-class Star Destroyer – or it could be some third thing!

Last you'll see Han Solo and Chewbacca standing next to one another – the shot that made every Star Wars fan attain a tear.

"Chewie – we're home."

Stick around as we continue to watch the Star Wars Celebration 2015 action through tomorrow and the weekend. Drop in on our Star Wars tag portal for more.