Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 ringtone downloads movie-accurate

This week we've been passed a collection of sounds synthesized from the publicly-available Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie trailers, all sounds made by BB-8. These BB-8 sound effects have been cut down and cleaned and formatted in a way that makes them perfect for whatever odd project the Star Wars-loving public might want to use them for. We'll be using them for ringtones and notification sounds on our smartphones – you can do what you wish.40 more Star Wars: The Force Awakens wallpapers for your smartphone

The earliest sound effects we heard from BB-8 were from the first trailer in which we saw this happy little spherical ball-droid rolling at full speed across the Jakku landscape. Those sounds were updated, then updated again. Now we're listening to the final cut (or so we must assume). Now that The Force Awakens has been released to theaters, we can test one against the other.

To download the full collection of BB-8 sound files, head to this [Jumpshare download page] and download at will. Inside the ZIP file you'll find a number of M4A files. These are sounds – send them to your Android device or open them with iTunes (for your iPhone) and send them to your iPhone.

Below you'll get a sampling of the sound files you'll hear in the zip file shared above. It's a bunch of beeps and boops and mostly "weeweew wowwow" sounds, originated at Lucasfilm and Disney, used in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now here up on the web, separated and cleaned.

UPDATE: As we've just discovered, these sounds (most of them, if not all of them) are also appearing on the BB-8 by Sphero device, too. In the newest update to BB-8 by Sphero, sounds are now more movie-accurate than they were before. Ripped and flipped for your convenience.