Star Wars The BAD BATCH revealed, fans reply with Lizzo

Chris Burns - Jul 13, 2020, 1:44pm CDT
Star Wars The BAD BATCH revealed, fans reply with Lizzo

There’s a new television show coming to Disney+ in the year 2021, and it’s called THE BAD BATCH. This show will focus on a group of clone troopers that were originally revealed in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This group of clones was originally featured in the “final season” of The Clone Wars before Disney+, nearly lost forever, then brought back to life as Disney+ became immensely popular and effectively green-lit all things Star Wars.

The BAD BATCH television show is an all-new animated show for Disney+. Disney suggested today that they’d debut the show inside the year 2021. They also made clear that this is “fresh off the critically-acclaimed series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and that it’ll follow the clones from CLONE FORCE 99 “in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars.”

“In the post-Clone War era, they will take on daring mercenary missions as they struggle to stay afloat and find new purpose.”

As for the logo/graphic for the show… If you’re anything like a whole BUNCH of people looking at the mark for the first time, you’ll do a bit of a spit-take. You are NOT alone in this. It looks like it says something else, at first.

The word “batch” isn’t used nearly as much (in popular culture today) as the word that trades the “a” for an “i”. With that switch (in the minds of a whole lot of people that’ve seen this show’s reveal this week), we see what’s effectively a line from the LIZZO song Truth Hurts!

Using that line, some Star Wars fans have taken to social media posts (by Star Wars and Disney) to reply with demands for a television show with Ahsoka Tano as its main character. “It’s a missed opportunity,” said one fan by the name of @Darth25Kbingo “Where we could have had Ahsoka, instead we’re getting more clones… and that’s the sound of me not calling you back.”

On the positive side of the situation, the Star Wars: The Bad Batch television show will be executive produced by Dave Filoni, the same fellow who’s largely responsible for The Mandalorian and the greatness of the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

This series will be executive produced and written by Jennifer Corbett. Head writer Corbett previously worked on Star Wars Resistance and NCIS!

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