Star Wars: Squadrons getting two new ships in DLC surprise

Earlier this year, EA and Motive Studios rolled out Star Wars: Squadrons, which is a smaller-scale and more focused Star Wars game than what we're used to seeing out of EA. After the game was released, Motive went on the record saying that it wasn't planning to launch any post-game content for Squadrons, but now it seems the developer is going back on that in a really good way.

Motive today announced a pair of incoming updates for Star Wars: Squadrons, with one dropping later this month and the second arriving in December. In the November update – which will bring the game to version 3.0 – there will be various bug fixes and balancing changes, but we're told to look for more details about those when the patch notes are published as the update goes live on November 25th.

In addition to those fixes and balance changes, we'll also see a new map added for multiplayer: Fostar Haven. This is a map from the single player campaign (in fact it's the first map players encounter in the game) but retooled for Fleet Battles and Dogfight mode. Along with the map, we'll see the addition of four new components, including the Boost Extension Kit for Fighters and Bombers, Ion Rockets for Interceptors and Fighters, Prototype Piercing Torpedoes for Bombers and Fighters, and Anti-Material Rocket Turrets for the U-wing and TIE Reaper.

The December update is arguably the bigger of the two, as it'll add two new ships: the B-Wing and TIE Defender. We'll also see Custom Games added to Squadrons, which should make it easier for players to organize tournaments or exhibition matches in the future.

So, after hearing that there wouldn't be any post-launch content, we're now about to get a new multiplayer map, a pair of new fighters, and a new game mode. There's no date for the December update yet, but look for November's version 3.0 update to drop on November 25th.