Star Wars Speeder Bike drone puts mini trooper in the air

Joining the growing number of drones crafted to be miniature flying replicas of movie staples is a new mini Star Wars speeder bike being piloted by a Scout Trooper. Any Return of the Jedi fan will recognize the replica, while hobbyist will note that at its core the drone is a quadcopter. We've got some footage of it in action, of course, and thanks to a tiny camera in the trooper's helmet, there's also some nice first-person video footage to join it.

The creation was made by Adam Woodworth from an existing Hasbro toy of the speeder bike and trooper. He cracked it open and added the modifications needed to take it air born, and the end result is what you see in the video below: a glorious, relatively slow-going and realistic trooper zipping through the trees.

We've seen many examples of drones decked out to look like popular things from movies, and Star Wars seems to be a hobbyist favorite. There's the Millennium Falcon drone, for example, which is exactly what it sounds like and quite well made at that. There's also the recent TIE Interceptor fleshing out one hobbyist's fleet.

Of course, Star Wars isn't the only movie from which enthusiasts have drawn inspiration. There's that ever-faithful DeLorean quadcopter replica from Back to the Future — if you're reasonably far away, it looks like a miniature version of the real deal. Check out our Drone tag portal for related news!

SOURCE: Gizmodo