TIE Interceptor drone joins Millennium Falcon replica

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 2, 2015, 6:37pm CST
TIE Interceptor drone joins Millennium Falcon replica

If you, like a growing number of UAV hobbyists, love a good flying replica, the man behind the Millennium Falcon drone is back with another creation: a TIE Interceptor drone, which is likewise styled after a Star Wars spacecraft and fully functional, at least as far as drones go. The creator goes by the handle “Olivier”, and he has shown off his latest creation in a couple of YouTube videos, one of them at night so that the drone’s flashing lights are visible.

The TIE Interceptor drone is, visually speaking, very similar to the movie version of the spacecraft, and can hover, fly and perform other assorted maneuvers, all the while sounding like a giant angry bumble bee. The first video, directly below, shows the flight and close up looks at the drone.

The second video (below) shows the TIE drone in action when it is nearly dark out so that viewers can see the on-board lights — there might not be lasers like the “real” deal, but the lights give it an extra menacing look, and probably convinced a neighbor or two that miniature aliens were visiting.

These aren’t the only drones styled after movie machines, of course. Not too long ago we reported on the Back to the Future DeLorean drone, which looks like the time traveling car from the hit movie. Check out the timeline below for more!


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