Star Wars set pictures surface

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 3, 2014
Star Wars set pictures surface

Much like the Jurassic World leak, images have surfaced from the set of the upcoming Star Wars movie, only in much greater detail. Among them we get a look at everything from characters to creatures to structures and landscapes, and a few things between.

The photos were acquired by the folks at TMZ, in case the massive watermark across the images didn’t make that obvious enough. In them we mostly see robe-clad characters in a bright desert setting alongside the occasional set personnel.


Among the images is a giant alien — featured above — which is reportedly new to the series and is controlled by five men housed within it. Two scenes were filmed with it, according to TMZ, in what is suspected to be a marketplace on Tatooine.

You can see the most notable images in the gallery below. Check out the timeline below to see some other news related to Star Wars 7, and then hit up our Star Wars tag portal for news and reviews related to the franchise in general.


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