Star Wars Old Republic global support base opened in Ireland

Of all the places in the world to open a support facility, it had to be Ireland that took on the task of providing support to masses for the new Star Wars MMORPG game The Old Republic as it ramps up for launch on December 20th and 22nd. Of course I and we have no reason to be saying such a thing, in fact such an island base will likely be the greatest place to avoid the craziest of game players that'll more than likely try to swim to the support group in hopes of getting their lightsaber license re-activated after having chopped up too many ewoks. You following me? If you are, this is definitely going to be the game for you.

BioWare, the group responsible for blasting the game out into outer space with a global launch and full support for the entire user base along with EA have announced just this past week that the drop date for The Old Republic will indeed be the 20th of December, 2011, and the 22nd of that same month and year for the USA and the entirety or Europe respectively. BioWare has noted that they expect The Old Republic to be "the biggest online launch in history" and is currently putting the final touches on both underlying technical bits for stability as well as game systems and tutorials.

EA senior vice president of the BioWare label Dr Ray Muzyka had a bit to say about the support facility in particular:

"MMO launches are complex, and we are determined to set a new standard for a high quality, stable, smooth launch for our fans. Our new BioWare facility and team in Galway is critical to ensuring we deliver on that goal. We've got a solid base of people here already in Galway." -Muzyka

This base will be made up of around 400 individuals who will certainly be sitting their their hand taped to the phone receiver (or the headset taped to their head, of course), answering those support calls fans from around the world are sure to send in 100% constantly from the launch of the game till its demise many years down the line. Muzyka hopes to set "a new standard" in customer support with this game – let's hope they can do it!

[via Gamasutra]