Star Wars, Marvel movies leaving Netflix, headed to Disney's app

Last month, Disney revealed plans to pull its movies from Netflix and launch a streaming service of its own. Though inconvenient for Netflix subscribers who happen to like Disney movies, the move wasn't all that shocking. One thing left up in the air, however, was the fate of Marvel and Star Wars movies.

After all, the hope was that Disney may be a little more easygoing with Marvel and Star Wars, as Netflix has been making TV series about Marvel properties for years now. As it turns out, Marvel and Star Wars movies will be disappearing from non-Disney streaming services as well, with CNBC reporting that Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the move at the Communications & Entertainment Conference in Los Angeles today.

This, as you may have guessed, is further bad news for Netflix. Not only has Netflix carried popular Disney movies in the past, but it has historically been a provider of Marvel's many superhero movies. Though mainline Star Wars movies have been difficult to find on streaming services, spin offs like Rogue One and the Clone Wars saga have been available on Netflix in the past as well.

This could be even worse news in the long run, though. Disney already plans to offer series crafted specifically for this streaming service, and it isn't hard to imagine a future where Disney doesn't renew Netflix's licenses for Marvel properties, ending its ability to continue shows like Luke Cage and Daredevil. Whether Disney lets Netflix continue producing those shows or decides to take the reins itself is the big question mark here.

Disney and Netflix still have a little while to hash this out. Disney's planned streaming service isn't going to launch until sometime in 2019, so we're still a ways off. Still, it's not looking too good for our old friend Netflix nor the people who like seeing content from any Disney-owned companies on there.