Star Wars lands on iOS and Android via Brisk for 3D release

If that title didn't get you pumped up about what this release possibly could be: have a look at the title image here, complete with gigantic claymation heads on Yoda and Darth Maul, a team of force-wielders whose new favorite drink is Brisk Iced Tea. This duo of cartooned-out characters is promoting two things: the release of the first Star Wars movie (The Phantom Menace) in 3D format, and Brisk. They've got not only this utterly strange duo of video ad spots, but an iPhone app called Brisksaber for your free downloading and use, right this second!

You'll be knocking the heck out of your Brisk-laden enemies as you seek to guzzle your own in the Star Wars universe with, of course, your very own lightsaber. It's not the app though that's the most important and noteworthy bit of this equation, believe it or not, it's the first commercial. In this ad spot you'll find Darth Maul, the tattooed horn-headed dark Jedi who barely has a word spoken in the first Star Wars episode doing nothing more than bumbling around repeatedly, popping various oddities out of the sides of his weapon until he eventually drinks a Brisk – through his back.

Also tune in to 0:16 for an Afro-ninja treat. Then of course there's Brisksaber, a video game you play with your finger, lightsabering your way to victory. You can see the advertisement for that here, plus the app on the iTunes App Store OR the Android Market right this moment as well – the idea then is that you purchase Brisk to get additional levels when you beat the basic version of the game. Brisk, Jedi!