Star Wars kites: peaceful distraction while the world goes to ruin

With the economy in ruins, cyborg bugs threatening to invade every nook and cranny, and no holding off the terrifying DTV switchover, now would be a great time to step outside and fly a nice, relaxing kite.  Since we're geeks, however, it can't just be any old kite, and until they create a Steve Jobs model we'll have to make do with these 3D Star Wars kites

Modelled after the iconic ships from the Star Wars films, despite the three shown in the picture there are only actually two available from ThinkGeek.  Take your pick from either Luke Skywalker's X-Wing or Darth Vader's Tie Fighter; no word on when you might be able to pilot the Millennium Falcon.

Thanks to the wonders of air, each billows out into a decent 3D facsimile of the film spacecraft.  They retail for $39.99 but won't be in stock until roughly April 12th, so there's plenty of time to get outside and find your nearest kite-flying hill. 

[via OhGizmo!]