Star Wars Death Star LED desk lamp doubles as a night light

There's a new Death Star lamp on the market, and it boasts three different lighting options. During the day, this lamp simply looks like a Death Star-themed desk lamp. At night, though, it takes on a whole new look by illuminating either the themed lampshade, the glowing base, or both the lampshade and the base at the same time. Thanks to this multi-lighting design, the lamp could also be used as a night light.

The Death Star Desk Lamp comes from ThinkGeek, purveyor of all sorts of Star Wars-themed items. This lamp, obviously, shouldn't be confused with the Death Star paper lantern the company introduced late last year. In that case, you could get a large paper-based lamp in both Death Star and Borg Cube designs.

In this case, the lamp is 12-inches tall, making it suitable for a small stand, bookcase, or desk. The lampshade has an 8-inch diameter, while the lighting itself comes from LEDs (of both the RGB and white varieties). For this reason, the lights can't be user replaced when they eventually stop working — however, ThinkGeek says they're rated at 60,000 hours of use, which works out to about 7 years of non-stop lighting.

The light is powered through an ordinary wall outlet, and features a touch-based control. As the GIF above shows, one press turns the upper lamp on, a second turns the base on, too, and a third turns the upper light off while the base remains illuminated. The Death Star's various trenches become visible when the base is illuminated. The item is available now for $49.99 USD.

SOURCE: ThinkGeek