Star Wars classics immortalized in massive gallery

A new generation is set to be introduced to Star Wars in a big way, and that is a big deal. Still, long running fans have a special nostalgic place in their fandom-riddled hearts for the classic movies, and that special nostalgic place can never be fully satiated. That's what makes a newly compiled massive gallery of images from Industrial Light & Magic so enjoyable — we get a close up look of props we've seen dozens (or hundreds, we won't judge) of times before, each of them in various states of assembly.

There are 140 photographs in the gallery, all of them showing close-up shots of different models used in the original Star Wars trilogy. They were posted on Imgur and surfaced by way of Reddit, where user "Join_You_In_The_Sun" posted them.

There are dozens of incredible images in the gallery, some of them containing set workers, others being solely of the props under different lighting. A new appreciation is given for the level of detail that went into these models, and we get a look at the transformation that took place when paint and lighting was tweaked.

This comes ahead of Star Wars Episode 7, which we've seen various leaks of over the months, including a pretty massive one that happened in early June. Check out our Star Wars tag portal for all things Star Wars, and be sure to hit up the timeline below for recent word on the upcoming Episode 7.

SOURCE: Gizmodo