Star Wars Battlefront sequel slated for fall 2017 release

Electronic Arts hasn't finished rolling out DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront yet, but that's not stopping the company from talking about the next game in the series. Speaking during a call to investors, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen told an inquiring analyst that the sequel to 2015's Battlefront reboot will arrive "a year from now." That seems to heavily suggest a fall 2017 release window.

Of course, a lot can happen during the course of a year, but it makes sense that EA would aim to have Battlefront 2 (or whatever it'll be called) on shelves in fall 2017. It would shadow the release of the first Battlefront perfectly, launching just a few months before a new main-series Star Wars movie.

Even though delays happen, you can bet EA will do everything it can to get Battlefront 2 out in close proximity to Star Wars: Episode 8. Jorgensen also said during the investors call that his company is "working very hard on making sure that is an extremely deep and engaging offering." Of course, what EA considers to be "deep and engaging" may differ from its customers' opinions.

When Battlefront initially launched, its visuals were praised but the game was criticized for getting old too quickly. Even prior to release, there were some rumblings of disappointment when EA revealed what would be in the game and it became clear that it wouldn't be as fully realized as its predecessors. These days, the game is looking a little more fleshed out, but that's because of the extensive Battlefront DLC schedule.

Perhaps Electronic Arts took those criticisms to heart? A Battlefront game that looks as good as 2015's refresh but has content on the level of earlier Battlefront games sounds like a winning proposition to me. We'll have to wait another year or so to see what EA does differently with the next Battlefront game, but in the meantime, a Star Wars fan can dream.

SOURCE: Polygon