Star Wars: Battlefront Beta opens today at 10AM PST

Thursday the 8th of October, 2015, the Star Wars Battlefront BETA began opening its doors to the public. This open invitation will be brought to users on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, including several modes of play and environments. This BETA test will be sent out for two reasons. The first is to test the servers – any game that's based primarily in an online environment such as this needs time to make certain it'll be able to be handled at scale. The second reason this BETA exists is that the game itself must be tested for flaws by a large number of users – tiny flaws like bonus icons disappearing when you throw a thermal detonator – that's what they'll looking for.

Users looking to load the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront will need to do so using Origin. You'll need to download Origin first, then load Star Wars Battlefront second. You can pre-load the game's beta starting now. The BETA is free to play, and will require that you have 11GB of space free before you begin.

As for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One users, you'll need around 8GB of space free to load the BETA. Both BETA downloads can be found in their respective in-console stores for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This pre-release of the game will be available for users at 1PM Eastern Time today for all three platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Stay tuned as we deliver to you a set of awesome moments from the BETA in video form. Stick around the Star Wars tag portal to see all there is to see in this ever-expanding universe while you wait for the Battlefront BETA to begin today.