Star Wars Bad Lip Reading adds Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader

The Star Wars content you're about to witness has nothing to do with the "s" word, nor is it in celebration of The Force Awakens. It might be a LITTLE bit in celebration of The Force Awakens, but not directly. Unless you count the fact that Bill Hader helped create the voice for BB-8, but that's completely beside the point. Right now you're going to watch some Bad Lip Reading, or BLR, for all three of the original Star Wars movies. This is an entirely new epic.

Normally Bad Lip Reading consists of a set of guys and gals you've probably never heard of – and they're amazing – but today you get some superstars. Some real funny people like Jack Black, Bill Hader, and no less a comedian than Maya Rudolph. Behold the giggles. Begin your journey with "A New Hope," otherwise known as "Star Wars."

Next behold the iciest of episodes, The Empire Strikes Back. Once again the same helpful superstar lip readers are taking their traditional roles as C-3PO and Darth Vader and Princess Leia and whoever else they need to voice. They're in it to win it.

Finally join our best friend Jabba the Hutt, international man of mystery and the universe's reining frog-creature eating contest champion. Seriously nobody else is going to eat those things. This is Fear Factor: Tatooine. You can't deny it.

C-3PO has an Indian accent now. Watch out. Bib Fortuna is now from the South. Han is going to steal Leia's gravy. Hit our Star Wars tag portal. You know why.