Star Wars 7 trailer release set for iTunes online

This Friday you'll find Star Wars: The Force Awakens, aka Star Wars 7, available not only in the theaters we listed earlier this week. Instead, the limitations are being expanded just a bit to Apple's iTunes Trailers. No longer will you need to actually get out and go to a movie theater to see said trailer – no way! Now we can begin speaking about the possibility that Apple will be able to release the movie itself through iTunes early. Can you imagine not having to go to the theater to see the next Star Wars movie?

What if this really, truly is the trend? Without iTunes Trailers, Star Wars officials suggested that you'd have had to have gone to a movie theater to see the first Star Wars 7 teaser trailer. Now Apple is hosting, starting on the SAME DAY you'd have otherwise been able to see the trailer in a theater.

Now if you're not all about seeing this trailer on the web, on your tiny laptop, you still CAN go to a movie theater to see all 8-seconds of it in its massive glory. The full list of theaters where this trailer will be premiering – along with extended details about the release – can be found in our Star Wars 7 Trailer Release listing.

Could it be that those responsible for this planning realized that pirates would be going to their trailer showings? Could they have been aware that they may as well put the trailer up because it'll more than likely have been "leaked" anyway?


But what do you think about Star Wars: The Force Awakens being released as a digital download the day it premieres in full in theaters? Could it happen?

BONUS: Here's a fan-made trailer for the movie. NOT official, but awesome anyway.