Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer 3 revealed with major spoilers

If you want to know what's going on in the Star Trek movie coming out near the middle of May, you've got two options today. You first option is to wait until May 17th and go to your local movie theater for some up-close-and-personal action like a normal, decent person. Your second option is to watch the newest trailer released for the film today, complete with more spoilers than you'll feel clean about having watched.

What you're about to read may make you cry – it's riddled with what you might consider spoilers, or what you might consider near-spoilers that simply take the film to a new level of "must see" in your mind. The first big item revealed in the trailer released this week is the fact that the ship you've seen crash-landing into the water in previous trailers is, indeed, the Enterprise.

What you'll find here is the markings of the one and only NCC-1701 A herself plummeting toward the planet Earth. You'll also see the ship having gone into battle against our newest enemy, finding a much larger ship with essentially the same build facing off against the Enterprise, and that ship rising from the water after its crash. So you know the whole plot by now, right?

This film will be released in just under a month's time and there, at last, you'll find yourself seeing the full truth. Have a peek at our Star Trek tag portal for more information on the Star Trek Into Darkness release and stay tuned for the final drop!