Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer crash lands with details

If you're all about the next Star Trek movie "Into Darkness", you'll be more than pumped up about the newest full trailer, stacked to the brim with no fewer explosions than you'll need to blow your eardrums out. What we're still not sure of is who this enemy of our friendly protagonists is. What we ARE sure of is the fact that, whether or not we've heard of this bad guy before, we'll be flipping out over the awesome crash of first-generation Federation ship into the sea and up against the shore of what we're pretty sure is London, England.

If you're a fan of the original Star Trek television series, you'll perhaps have been guessing at the idea that the antagonist for this film was going to be Khan. The man who launched a thousand memes. But consider this: we're in a completely alternate timeline now – an alternate dimension, if you wish – where the Enterprise crew hasn't necessarily even found the frozen crew of ultra-beings from whens Khan came.

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Does that rule out the idea that Khan will make another appearance here in this film? Not necessarily. But it's much more likely that the team behind this installment of the Star Trek franchise will opt for another brand new enemy to our best buddies Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and the rest. Here we'll quite likely find that Benedict Cumberbatch – the actor you're seeing acting quite mean in this and the other trailers – ends up being a brand new character altogether.

Fun Fact: you'll also see Peter Weller standing up about 35 seconds into the trailer. That's Robocop, just so you're aware. He was also in several episodes of the television show Star Trek: Enterprise as a Terran supremacist – certainly not reprising that role here.

Have a peek at our timeline of Star Trek excellence below and get ready for the big jump – May 16th Internationally and May 17th here in the USA!