Star Trek Beyond trailer uses Beastie Boys music

The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond has been revealed, and it's a good time having ho-down of action. This isn't going to be a movie based on ships in space so much as it's going to be about the Enterprise sort of... getting swarmed and crashing. That'll happen within the first half of the movie, so it's no spoiler! Also this trailer features the Beastie Boys. That's strange, if you consider the fact that MCA, (may he RIP), stipulated in his will that "what you get is what you see, and you wont see me in the advertisiiing."

Adam Yauch's will, according to Rolling Stone, reads as follows: "Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes." That, we must assume, means advertisements for films and film trailers.

We know the song "Sabotage" was used in the first Star Trek film, which was released back in 2009, and MCA passed away in 2012. While we're not certain that the song was licensed with or without any stipulation about advertising, there's likely legal means for the folks that run Star Trek to use the song again in a later film – this one.

Below you'll see the clip from the 2009 Star Trek film in which the song was first used.

The other bit that's true here is that Yauch was a lover of Star Trek, and since his family is now in charge of his estate, they may well have just given JJ the go-ahead. We shall see!