Star Fox movie trailer, JJ Abrams, and that which wasn’t

Chris Burns - Feb 18, 2015, 11:55 am CST
Star Fox movie trailer, JJ Abrams, and that which wasn’t

There’s a film trailer out today that you’re going to wish was as real as the space-faring epic that will be. This isn’t Star Wars, and it’s not Guardians of the Galaxy – but it may as well be. This is a fan-made trailer for Star Fox, a film about a game that’s as big a cult-classic as any of your favorite N64 titles. There’s only one hero who can save us all – Fox McCloud and his Star Fox team. Get ready to do a barrel roll.

This production was created by Nerdist, the same folks that helped Weird Al create one of his most epic music videos to date. This team puts a real fox in the drivers seat of a spaceship that you’ll only have otherwise found in the most pixel-plane friendly of places.

You’ll find re-made sound clips as well as clips harvested from your favorite Star Fox title. You’ll find a frog. You’ll find the falcon. You’ll find all your favorites.

And best of all, he doesn’t say anything. The voice remains a mystery. You’ll never know.

VIA: Dan Casey

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